Let’s get to know ICECHIM better!

Did you know that ICECHIM is a new associate of the Biobased Industries Consortium?

Mihaela Frincu had a nice talk with Innovation Engineering about the ICECHIM’s role in the framework of EXCornsEED and its contribution to the creation of a circular bio-economy in Europe.

Mihaela, please describe a short bio of your professional background… I’m a chemical engineer with master’s degrees in environmental science and environmental engineering. Extensive experience in international projects management/ coordination. Main research interests: biomass/ biowaste valorisation, water pollution control.

Could you give us a hint what your organization is about? ICECHIM is a national research and development institute with almost 70 years in applicative and fundamental research, focused mainly towards applied and technological research. The main research directions of the institute are adapted to current market and society needs and may be grouped in:
•          Bioresources valorization, Biotechnologies;
•          Nanosciences and Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies;
•          Technologies and advanced organic materials;
•          Environmental protection and sustainable management of resources, recycling of by-proucts.

And what is the role of ICECHIM in EXCornsEED project? EXCornsEED project is dedicated to valorisation of side-streams from biofuels industry by extracting proteins and bioactive molecules for the food, nutraceutics and cosmetics industry.
ICECHIM is mainly responsible for managing Work Package 3 “Improvement of functionality and sensory quality” of extracted compounds so that they can add more efficiency and value to the final products.

ICECHIM is a new associate of the BIC consortium. What exactly does this step mean? What are the benefits of joining this consortium for ICECHIM? By joining the BIC Consortium, ICECHIM is looking to intensify international cooperation with industrial partners, to better know their research needs and to develop together new, innovative products. Among the main benefits we can mention the opportunity to get involved in shaping the research agenda and to form new partnerships for future projects.

Is ICECHIM participating in other related EU-funded projects? Which ones? ICECHIM is involved in a large number of international research and cooperation projects funded under ERA-NET, EUREKA, INTERREG EUROPE etc.

Good luck Mihaela not only for the EXCORNSEED adventure, then!

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