ICECHIM part of the BIC Consortium

ICECHIM is a new associate of the BIC consortium: The Biobased Industries Consortium, of the pillars of the EU Bioeconomy strategy (2012), dedicated to transforming renewable, natural resources into bio-based products through a programme of research and innovation (R&I) activities.

By joining the BIC Consortium, ICECHIM, already involved in a large number of international research and cooperation projects funded under several European funding programme, will intensify international cooperation with industrial partners, to better know their research needs and to develop together new, innovative products, with the opportunity to get involved in shaping the research agenda and to form new partnerships for future projects.

To get to know better both BIC and ICECHIM, Innovation Engineering will interview Michaela Frincu, chemical engineer from ICHECHIM, and Ben Alexander, representative from BIC.

A special attention will be given to how EXCornsEED can support the creation of a circular bio-society in Europe, and ICECHIM’s role in the framework of the project. The interview will also focus on the impact that this association will have on the whole EXCornsEED consortium and how it will help boost its dissemination activities.

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