Getting to know our partners: Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA)

EXCornsEED project had a nice talk with Marta Macías about the CTA contribution to the creation of a circular bioeconomy in Europe.

  1. Please describe a short bio of your professional background

I am a chemical engineer and Innovation consultant at CTA. I have managed R&D and cooperation projects as well as participated in advanced innovation services. I have been external expert for the EC – H2020 program and have more than 12 years of experience in R&D and innovation projects shaping, implementation and assessment. Previously, I have being involved in raw materials recovery and waste valorisation R&D projects.

  1. Could you give us an overview of your organization?

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is a public-private partnership made up of more than 165 companies to promote innovation and technology transfer. For 15 years, CTA has been supporting R&D activities through financing, mentoring and cooperation with main Andalusian stakeholders, emerging as a singular multi-sectorial innovation cluster and bringing together the forces of public administration, companies and academia. More than 700 R&D business projects have been funded by CTA with more than €M175.

The EC has included CTA as one of the key players (specifically, as a prominent cluster in Spain) in the interactive online map of the EU bioeconomy. This map was published on EC website, within an online radiography of the situation and the main players to help design public policies in this area.

  1. What is the role of CTA in EXCornsEED project?

CTA leads the sustainability assessment actions, taking care of the techno economical assessment and the regulation and standards review. In addition, CTA is involved in exploitation and business development activities and co-leads the project communication and dissemination activities.

  1. CTA is participating in other related EU-funded projects, could you please describe them?

CTA participates as a partner in other EU projects related to the bioeconomy such as BIOSWITCH, MPowerBIO, EXCornsEED, ICT-BIOCHAIN, SuperBIO and UrBIOfuture, which cover several fields such as value chain (re)building, new bioproducts development, biomass supply chains digitisation and educational and professional skills matching.

  • BIOSWITCH aims to raise awareness and help brand owners switch to bio-based approaches to boost the EU bioeconomy. More info: https://bioswitch.eu/
  • MPowerBIO is training EU bio-based clusters to be better adapted and help SMEs to overcome the “valley of death”. This project has recently launched a free online business support programme to help bio-based SMEs attract investment. Participate here.
  • ICT-BIOCHAIN has promoted the digitisation of biomass supply through the creation of a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in Andalusia.
  • UrBIOfuture promoted the European bioeconomy education through the creation of university courses, new training programmes and research activities.
  • SuperBIO developed new, innovative, cross-border and cross-sectorial industrial value chains in the bio-based economy.


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