DataBio project: Data-Driven INNOVATION in food and agriculture

Rome (Italy)

DataBio will be presented in the Data-Driven INNOVATION in food and agriculture event, which will take place on November 9th, in Rome (Italy). The event will represent the perfect scenario to talk about developments and opportunities related to bigdata, market analysis, innovation intelligence and everything related to the future of innovation and the market in a strategic way, with the aim of using data to create more and more value for businesses.

The focus of this networking event will be the case study related to the DataBio project: in its framework, the advantages of big data technologies in the production of raw materials from agriculture, forestry and fishing in the bioeconomy sector will be demonstrated in the production of food, energy and biomaterials in a responsible and sustainable way.

Paolo Salvatore from PNO Consultants will inaugurate the event and INNOVATION ENGINEERING will present DataBio and the innovation intelligence results achieved in the framework of the project with the support of WHEESBEE, the innovative platform for organizing, analyzing and sharing information.

Register your participation here and join the opportunity to create partnerships for future European projects and to investigate R&D funding opportunities with INNOVATION ENGINEERING and PNO!

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