Innovation Engineering s.r.l.

Innovation Engineering is an Italian private company focused on the design and development of advanced IT solution to search, access and manage relevant knowledge within enterprises, on the web, and in structured databases, with a specific focus on the technology innovation domain.

Set up in June 2009, Innovation Engineering is a growing company currently employing 30 highly specialized IT professionals, with offices located in Italy (Rome, Naples, Milan) and The Netherlands (Rijswijk).

The company focuses on robust methodologies and IT solutions based on Java language and Open Source, to drive innovation through the search, manage and analyses of information that should be translated into valuable knowledge.

The Innovation Engineering team couples longstanding expertise in the development of IT solutions, with a consolidated knowledge in the innovation domain within enterprises and extended enterprises’ framework. The main competencies of the company rely upon Knowledge Management Systems, Information retrieval, and Extraction, Web Semantic, Applications Development, Web Service and Back End Integration, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and Mobile Development.

Our client basis includes multinational companies, SMEs, and public bodies. The company is also participating in several research projects co-funded by the European Commission and by regional governmental bodies.

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