Dr. Lauranne

The company, born in 1971, has been involved in the production and distribution of cosmetics. Production has always focused on the formulation and production of emulsions of any form, blends and aqueous solutions, masks, bath products.

It carries out constant search for new cosmetic preparations, also available for third parties, both for the aesthetic market and for the pharmaceutical market. To date, production is successfully exported to more than thirty foreign countries. Each line is carefully designed to offer specific and quality treatments, with natural ingredients selected by industry experts.

The current production capacity is around 10,000 kg of product per month which can be prepared in a laboratory of about 900 square meters appropriately equipped and set up for the storage of raw materials, the formulation and consequent production of semi-finished products. Products are also packaged and shipped to the various reference markets, especially Italy, Middle and Far East countries. Among the main productive features, there is the production of special products called kits that are of particular interest to professional markets, aesthetic medicine and dermatology. These are the result of the sum of many products that, by cosmetic form, dose and quantity, are able to synergistically perform a specific function for which the product has been produced.

Therefore DrLauranne can use its knowhow in the project for developing cosmetic product transforming the ingredient extracted into the right cosmetic form (emulsion, gel, oil ect). The production are has also a small microbiological control unit, which is useful to perform stability test and microbiological.

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